College Discipline


Campus Culture :

  • At St. John’s College, We appreciate and practice the traditional values inherited from ethos such as respect for each other, respect for parents, respect for elders, respect for teachers, modest dress and so on. Our system is rooted in a culture of nobility, humility and inclusiveness, punctuality, discipline, etc., Freedom with responsibility is the brand mark of every JOHANNINE.
  • Everyone is said to have something ‘special’ in them so, identifying every Johannine’s unique talents and capacities is our best assessment. The skills, talents, abilities are identified and given chances to improve them to compliment the academic performances.
  • Enough care and attention is given towards the health, cleanliness and hygiene of every Johannine.
  • To ensure that every Johannine in the Institution is cared for unconditionally, valued equally and treated with dignity.
  • Every Johannine speaks Kannada fluently and automatically because the language of the State and most of our Johannine’s mother tongue is Kannada. In general the students find it difficult to understand or speak English. Learning more languages makes one a universal person, more so the language English. Hence, we give importance to English in the campus. Every student, even a student who hails from Kannada medium should also be able to speak in English by the time a Johannine completes two years of studies at St. John’s. We always aim at that goal.
  • Every Johannine is required to take care of the environment. They are encouraged not to litter.
  • Our campus is also a non-smoking zone.
  • Every Johannine is required to wear the uniform dress as per the specification given by the principal. On other days when a Johannine wears a color dress one is expected to dress formally and modestly as per the specification given.
  • Male Johannine shall wear formal trousers and shirts.
  • Female Johannine Shall wear Salwar Kameez with Duppatta. Tights, Leggings, T-Shirts, Tight and revealing cloths are not allowed in the campus.
  • Body piercing, tattooing and fancy coloring of the hair is not entertained. Only normal hair cut is allowed.
  • Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited in the campus. College authorities hold the right to confiscate the mobile phone of Johannine in case of use within the campus.
  • A Johannine vehicle rider except for cycle, should have a valid driving licence and it should be produced to the college authorities and such rider while driving within the campus should have worn a helmet to protect the head from injuries. If these formalities are not fulfilled one is not allowed to bring the vehicle inside the campus. A separate identity card will be issued to such riders and it should be shown to the watchman at the gate before entering.
  • Every Johannine should maintain a sense of discipline and decorum.
  • Every Johannine who is guilty of serious misconduct is liable to be suspended/ expelled from the college.


At St. John’s College we follow yearly syllabus not semester system.

  • The Johannines will have Monthly Tests regularly along with the board examination.
  • Revising the entire syllabus starts from December 1st once the portions are completed. No Johannine should absent willfully except for emergencies or serious sicknesses. Each subject will be given a weak’s time to revise the entire syllabus. At the end of that week a pre-preparatory examination will be conducted by the respective teacher.
  • Every Johannine will be given individual attention during the period of their studies.

Attendance and Leave Formalities:

  • 90% attendance is mandatory to make a candidate eligible to appear for the final exam.
  • Attendance should be checked with the principal time to time. The batch counselors on a fortnightly basis and students less than 85% are met by the respective batch counselors. The reasons for absenteeism are explored and the students are supported to overcome their difficulties. They are further motivated to improve upon their attendance.
  • Parents are informed at every time the student absents through SMS. Parents are specially informed in case of shortage of attendance.
  • Parental intervention and co-operation are expected whenever the communication is being sent with regard to their ward’s absenteeism.
  • A Johannine should fill the leave forms and get it sanctioned earlier in case of unavoidable leave is required.
  • Saint John’s College always encourages co-curricular activities. A Johannine representing in co-curricular activities with the approval from the concerned departmental head only is eligible to claim for attendance.
  • A Johannine less than the required percentage of attendance may not be permitted to participate in co-curricular activities representing any departmental I University Sports.

Science Club, Commerce Club, Nature Club, Health Club:

  • Johannines who are in the club have to organised in consultation with the principal, certain activities which are of utmost importance in coherence with the signs of the times.
  • It also can be organised on holidays or on Saturdays after the class hours.
  • It can go on may be for one hour or half a day as per availability of all the students.
  • They can call some eminent persons to give lectures on certain important topics, The topics presented should not harm communal harmony.
  • They are to involve themselves in developmental projects implemented by the particular club.

Center for Counselling and Health:

  • It is a student support service to help every Johannine to adapt and make the best of their learning environment. Center aims at developing every Johannine to make proper adjustments for improved academic pursuit and quality of life.

Johannine Welfare Office :

Johannine Day : Johannine Day is a really big tradition at St. John’s and It’s no wonder enhances a healthy individual and a section-wise competitive spirit among the Johannines. It begins as a class-wise competition and the 2 winners from each class will be selected to section wise competition at the first stage. At the second stage from among the winners the entire block will select the best one to compete at the institutional level and at the third stage the competition will be held among the selected single winner of the blocks and the final single winner in the institution will be the ‘BEST JOHANNINE CHAMPION OF THE YEAR’. There will be six such champions of different events.

Johannines who excel in sports and academics will also be awarded with the ‘BEST JOHANNINE CHAMPION OF THE YEAR’. Go Johannines!

Center for Social Action (CSA):

  • It is a Johannine movement for humane and just society with child as focus. Students who enroll in CSA are exposed to and sensitized to various social issues. They are also involved in developmental projects implemented by center for social action.
  • The student is not allowed to indulge I participate in any protest I violence I crime which affects the discipline of the institution.