St. John's Educational Institutions


St. Joseph's Church Compound,M C Road, National Highway 275,Mandya, Karnataka 571401

Collage discipline

Campus Culture


At St. John’s College we follow yearly syllabus not semester system.

Attendance and Leave Formalities:

Science Club, Commerce Club, Nature Club, Health Club:

Center for Counselling and Health:

Johannine Welfare Office :

Johannine Day : Johannine Day is a really big tradition at St. John’s and It’s no wonder enhances a healthy individual and a section-wise competitive spirit among the Johannines. It begins as a class-wise competition and the 2 winners from each class will be selected to section wise competition at the first stage. At the second stage from among the winners the entire block will select the best one to compete at the institutional level and at the third stage the competition will be held among the selected single winner of the blocks and the final single winner in the institution will be the ‘BEST JOHANNINE CHAMPION OF THE YEAR’. There will be six such champions of different events.

Johannines who excel in sports and academics will also be awarded with the ‘BEST JOHANNINE CHAMPION OF THE YEAR’. Go Johannines!

Center for Social Action (CSA):